Sacred Stained Glass Windows Repair Project

We know that most of you, at some time or another, have looked upon our stained glass windows and wondered about their history. For those of you that do not know, our windows were handcrafted in postwar Germany in 1946. The more elaborate ones are referred to as Munich Traditional windows, while the symbol designs on adjacent windows are there to assist in the meditative experience.

The windows were brought across the Atlantic to Holy Name Church in Ybor City, which was torn down in 1975. Our founding Pastor, Fr. Frank Goodman, arranged for their delivery to Most Holy Name of Jesus here in Gulfport. Fr. Goodman offered parishioners the opportunity to build the frames and the lighting that surrounds the more elaborate windows. Since the windows were installed over 40-plus years ago, certain weaknesses have developed that now threaten the very existence of our irreplaceable windows. Many of them are bowed outward and will collapse if we do not take restorative action soon. Nine of our windows are at great risk of collapse. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AROUND OUR IRREPLACEABLE TREASURES.

 The estimated cost to repair all the windows is $35,000. The average cost to repair one window and add LED lighting fixtures is approximately $1,400. We have 24 windows, plus one in the choir loft, that are in various conditions of frailty. If 100 people would donate $350.00, those donations would cover the cost of repairing and installing our delicate windows to their original pristine condition. Please consider donating to this very worthy cause.

If you have been blessed with great abundance and would like to donate, you may want to consider a tax-deductible donation to cover a portion of this cost. Our Finance Committee has recommended that any donation in excess of $4,000 be acknowledged by a plaque that is similar to the original and placed adjacent to or beneath the window of your choice. However, our Finance Committee would be greatly appreciative of any individual donations of any amount. Please prayerfully consider helping our parish with this urgent project. We are hoping to have the Stained-Glass Window Repair Project begun in the very near future. We cannot afford to lose any of these “one of a kind” antique windows. They are irreplaceable!