Fran’s Retirement BBQ

For the past 10 years, Fran Marinari, our DRE, has served our parish with dedication and zeal. She has prepared and touched the hearts of so many people by leading them to a better understanding of their faith and their relationship with God. 

When Bishop Lynch assigned me to this parish, I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities that lay before me, but in the subsequent meetings with Fran, I knew we had a solid person that we could confidently rely on to guide our parish through our faith formation program.

Last year she came into my office and stated she wanted to retire while continuing to be part of the parish life. At that time, I refused to accept her retirement because I felt we needed her most as the parish life grew.

This past February, she again came into my office; and after a lengthy talk, she finally decided that at the end of June she would retire. I have no words to say but extend my appreciation to Fran for all the hard work she has put into the life of our parish. I have been interviewing for a replacement, but it is taking longer than I anticipated. I guess it is difficult to get anyone as good as Fran!

Fran is a perennial supporter of the Tampa Bay Rays. In good years and bad, she is one of the most faithful fans we know. Moreover, Fran knows baseball and she knows the sport well. She is very familiar with the Rays’ lineup, the usual batting order, the best batters, and she know who is in a slump. In addition, she has great ideas about the future of the team. She tried to introduce me to the game of base- ball, but I had difficulty understanding it. I have a lot to learn about this sport.

So the idea came up among several parishioners and myself about the best way to honor Fran’s 10 years’ of faithful service to our parish. We decided on a baseball-themed BBQ! We have scheduled this event for Saturday, June 10th, at 1:00pm in the Maria Center. Baseball attire is encouraged, but not required. There will be no rain date set for this event, but there will be surprises in store.

There is no charge to attend, but you must RSVP by the end of Monday, May 29th, so we can plan for the required amount of food, setup for tables, and other items.

Blessings, Padre George