Fatima Prayer Service October 14, 2017

Fatima Prayer Service October 14, 2017 we shall mark the closing of the Centennial Year Celebration from 10am to 12:30pm.

Join us for a morning of refreshments, prayer and fellowship honoring Our Mother Mary for the closing of the 100th anniversary of her apparitions in Fatima.


  • 10:00am- Continental Breakfast in social hall
  • 10:30am- Opening prayer service with a skit, music, prayers  and talk on the messages of Fatima
  • 12:00 pm- join us for a public square Rosary on 58th Street in the parking lot
  • 12:30 pm– Pot luck lunch in social hall. The event will be bilingual, and open to all. If you would like more information, contact Kim in the parish office. Volunteers needed for the event. We are in need of people to lead the Rosary, and people to bring food for the potluck lunch. You may bring flowers to present to Our Lady of the Rosary. Charis will be set up for the Rosary, or you can bring your own.

Fall Festival November 16-19

The festival committee  has been working on thus year’s festival. The festival is our biggest fundraiser for our parish. We need everyone to promote this event, and help make this year our biggest festival.  Volunteers Needed: We need someone to step up and Chair the “Spin-To-Win” Game   Call Chris McNally for more information:  642-2280. Donations: Please start bringing in any Game Prize Donations for “Bing Ball and Spin-To-Win”. Mark packages prizes for Fall Festival and drop off at Religious Counter or Office.  Last date to accept donations will be October 15, 2017.  Thank you.

If you are going to donate items (or complete Baskets) for the Raffle Baskets, please drop them off at the Religious Counter or Church Office, marked FOR MARY JO  KEHOE.

Please bring in glasses for “Ken’s  Glass Toss” and drop off at the Religious Counter or Office.    Craft Vendors: If you know anyone who would like to set up a booth  at the festival, please contact  the church office.  Ticket Information: Ride Discount Tickets as well as 50/50 Raffle Tickets will go on sale October 1st.

Pick up your 50/50 Raffle Tickets in the church.

Alumni Day: We will be celebrating our Alumni by offering discounted food and ride tickets for the day. Please share with all who have attended MHNJCS– more details to follow.

Festival Meeting:  Wednesday, October 11, 2017 7:00 PM Social Hall All who wish to help with the festival are invited to attend the meeting.

Trinkets and Treasure Sale October 28th

Trinkets and Treasure Sale: October 28th in the ECC We are having our annual rummage sale. We are looking for new or gently used items for our baskets for the festival. Whatever we do not use for prizes, we are selling. All proceeds go towards the Fall Festival. We are in need of sports memorabilia.  NO Clothing ( unless sports related and new or slightly used) or Furniture please. Drop off donations at the office or the gift shop counter

Back to Normal







We want to welcome all of you who are coming back after the hurricane Irma. We did not have any major damages to our buildings. We have some leaks in the Maria Center and some parts of the parish office. We had some of the trees around our fence come down but did not affect any structure. We are working in clearing everything and we shall have to cut some trees along 58th street that are dangerously leaning towards electrical cables.

This weekend, September 16 and 17  we are having our normal schedule for masses, the vigil mass on Saturday at 4:30pm, Sunday at 8.00am, 9:30am and the Spanish mass at 11:30am.

Come let us offer our prayers and thoughts to all who were affected by the hurricane and in thanksgiving pray for a recovery process that has been slow for so many.


Cancelling all Sunday Masses 9/10/2017

Due to the changes in the direction of Hurricane Irma, we are cancelling all the masses tomorrow Sunday September 10. We shall however have tonight’s vigil mass at 4:30pm. Its a difficult thing to do but we want you to remain safe and follow the directions and guidance from the county officials. Be safe and pray.Currently our church isn’t a shelter. Follow what the authorities are telling you.

Dispensation for Sunday Masses


Dispensation for Sunday Masses (9/8/17-11:30am)

Given the forecast of the potential impact and severity of Hurricane Irma, Most Reverend Gregory Parkes, Bishop of St. Petersburg, has granted a dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation for this weekend, September 9-10 to all Catholics living within the five counties of the Diocese of St. Petersburg and to those who are traveling through the diocese. Dispensation Dispensation-of-Sunday-Mass-Obligation

Masses and the Hurricane

We are watching the hurricane as it comes closer and in the last update, our Bishop said you are dispensed from the obligation of attending mass this weekend. We shall however have the Saturday vigil mass at 4:30pm tomorrow and then we shall issue an announcement about the possibilities of Sunday masses being celebrated or being cancelled. Let us watch and pray. Stay safe and know you are in our prayers.


Hurricane Preparation

Stay safe: Hurricane Irma: Diocesan Updates & News

Diocese of St. Petersburg SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT (9/5/17-4:30pm)

This announcement is due to incoming Hurricane Irma, which has the potential to make landfall within the state of Florida.  Per the Florida Division of Emergency Management, current forecast models have Florida in Irma’s path.  Governor Rick Scott has declared the a state of emergency for all 67 counties, allowing for ample time to prepare.  In an effort to advise you of what measures to take, please read the following recommended actions to protect yourself and your families:

Attending Mass: The Catholic faithful are reminded to exercise prudence as they seek to fulfill their Mass obligation. Diocesan officials have already been in contact with parish staffs about the steps that can be taken to prevent building damage and accidents during the storm. The Office of the Bishop urges all Catholics to heed the travel advisories of their cities and towns, and to stay off the roads during the peak hours of the storm. The faithful are encouraged to use good judgment when planning to travel to Mass. In the event that roadways are not clear for travel, the faithful are reminded that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass does not apply when there is grave difficulty in fulfilling this obligation. (See Code of Canon Law, Canon 1248 §2)

WBVM, Diocesan Radio Station, 90.5: If storm does threaten our area, in addition to watching the local news, please listen to Spirit FM and watch the Diocese of St. Petersburg website for updates.

For information … Click here


Missionary Cooperative Plan … July 22 and 23

We are welcoming Father. Hector Cruz Lesbros from Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish which is located in Ybor city. This parish is run by the Marist priests of the Society of Mary. Since 1890, they have been home for Hispanics along with Italians and Spanish and today are glad to have a group of Philippinos.

Since 1950, when Ybor was in decline, a great number of families moved away. Their grade school and high school closed in the seventies. Since then, they have needed the diocese of St Petersburg for help. Today, O.L.P.H. is gradually coming back to life again. Our parish has been invited by our Bishop, Gregory Parkes to help them with a second collection the weekend of July 22/23.

Your generosity will always be remembered.

Fran’s Retirement BBQ

For the past 10 years, Fran Marinari, our DRE, has served our parish with dedication and zeal. She has prepared and touched the hearts of so many people by leading them to a better understanding of their faith and their relationship with God. 

When Bishop Lynch assigned me to this parish, I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities that lay before me, but in the subsequent meetings with Fran, I knew we had a solid person that we could confidently rely on to guide our parish through our faith formation program.

Last year she came into my office and stated she wanted to retire while continuing to be part of the parish life. At that time, I refused to accept her retirement because I felt we needed her most as the parish life grew.

This past February, she again came into my office; and after a lengthy talk, she finally decided that at the end of June she would retire. I have no words to say but extend my appreciation to Fran for all the hard work she has put into the life of our parish. I have been interviewing for a replacement, but it is taking longer than I anticipated. I guess it is difficult to get anyone as good as Fran!

Fran is a perennial supporter of the Tampa Bay Rays. In good years and bad, she is one of the most faithful fans we know. Moreover, Fran knows baseball and she knows the sport well. She is very familiar with the Rays’ lineup, the usual batting order, the best batters, and she know who is in a slump. In addition, she has great ideas about the future of the team. She tried to introduce me to the game of base- ball, but I had difficulty understanding it. I have a lot to learn about this sport.

So the idea came up among several parishioners and myself about the best way to honor Fran’s 10 years’ of faithful service to our parish. We decided on a baseball-themed BBQ! We have scheduled this event for Saturday, June 10th, at 1:00pm in the Maria Center. Baseball attire is encouraged, but not required. There will be no rain date set for this event, but there will be surprises in store.

There is no charge to attend, but you must RSVP by the end of Monday, May 29th, so we can plan for the required amount of food, setup for tables, and other items.

Blessings, Padre George