APA -Hope is alive in the Diocese of St. Petersburg

Thank you to our parishioners that have responded generously with pledges and gifts in support of the 2017 Annual Pastoral Appeal. Your generosity to APA helps our parish with our financial responsibility to support the ministries, programs and services provided by our local diocesan Church.

To date, we have received $56,410.21 from 142 households toward our goal of $ 84,309.00.

Every gift makes a difference.  Please, prayerfully consider a gift of hope to those in need through the materials you received in the mail. We still have about two weeks left before the end of the year.


Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA)

The Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA) is created to give each parish every opportunity to reach its maximum potential. It is also prepared to educate our faithful on each parish’s part of our larger diocesan Church. Through an assessment, every Parish and Mission is required to support our diocesan operations and ministries that in turn meet the physical, educational and spiritual needs of thousands,that one parish could not meet alone.

This allows us, as a faith community, to fulfill God’s call to discipleship by spreading the gospel message in word and deed, and serve each other in His love. The Annual Pastoral Appeal is the yearly invitation available to assist in that support, as well as encourage every Catholic household to participate in the mission of our Church and in the Diocese of St. Petersburg.


Parish Goal: $68,352.00

As of
May 24

APA 2016:
Open the Door to Mercy

2016 Annual Pastoral Appeal from DOSP.



My Good and Faithful Servant

2015 Report (as of January 15, 2016):

Parish Goal:              $77,043.00
Amount Pledged:    $56,500.88
Amount Paid:          
% Paid:                          72.85%

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APA2014PosterThe theme for APA 2014
One Faith,
Guided in Prayer,
Strengthened in Service

As of 12/04/14: Parish Goal: $74,225.00
Pledged: $59,922.51 Paid: $57,537.71

We met 100% of our 2013 Goal!

The theme for the 2013 Annual Pastoral Appeal was …Because WE are Catholic.

Stewardship is the way God has expected His people to live since the beginning of time.
Please help our parish with your sacrificial gift to the 2013 Annual Pastoral Appeal.

APA 2013 logoRemember, everything that we make that exceeds our goal goes directly to our parish.